Seedlings Baby & Toddler Group


Our Baby and Toddler Group 'Seedlings' is held on a Monday morning from 9.00 - 11.00 at the front of Christ Church (opposite the Chipping car park). Sessions are £3.50 for adult and child(ren) which includes a whole host of activities, tea/coffee and snack (via a contactless card reader on the door).

The group is ran by our staff members who take turns to bring their own flavour and creative flair to the session. Each week there are a variety of activities on offer and there is often a messy/sensory activity or craft as well as teas and coffees for parents and carers and drinks and snacks for the children. We also have a lovely large area for parents and young babies. This group is a wonderful way of prospective children (and parents) to get to know the staff in playgroup for when they 'move up' into sessions during the free play activities (and snack!) during the morning before we finish with some of our favourite songs to sing as a group.

At any time we would also welcome parents to pop through with their children to visit the room and other children too so please just ask if you'd like to 'have a nose'!

Registered Charity Number: 1038904